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Home computers can get quite difficult to fault find and update. So it’s good to have someone to refer to locally, who can repair your computer. (Without costing you an arm and a leg)

Having worked on computers since 1985, as a Technician at various places, studied at TAFE colleges, and instructed people at U3A in Melbourne, I have years of experience and look forward to helping you get the most out of your computer. I can show you how to get better results from your computer on a personal level.
Advice on software is also given, or referred to others, if needed.

(You can talk to us for a better computer experience!)

If we service your computer you can be sure of one thing:

We cant do much about how your computer worked in the past, but we can change it so it works better in the future.

Some problems take longer than others: Please locate your original installation software . Otherwise fixing your computer may be very time consuming. That's not my fault.

Also something at no cost...No catch!

We dont just get your computer going! We install, in our experience, a better  free antivirus and update your Windows operating system, so you will be better protected. No more guessing as to what to do when you buy a new computer. We can also set it up for you so you can send emails the proper way, instead of logging in online using your browser.

Remember though.
Many sites you go to may be the source of your trouble : If you continue to do what you did, you will continue to get what you got:
Viruses, Trojans and adware.

No antivirus will protect you completely OR ALL THE TIME!

When installing software be very aware what is being asked AND unclick things you don’t want installed. You may find your Internet Browser has become full of tool bars from Yahoo Google Microsoft and many others: You neglected to take care when installing these. These things are called potentially unwanted programs.

We operate on a "NO FIX no FEE" policy,
(Handy, when a computer is uneconomical to repair)

We reserve the right to charge you in the case of laptops/notebooks, or when time consuming disassembly and reassembly is needed.

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